Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Helgas Bolognese

What we have here is Helga's latest attempt at Bolognese. She made this about two weeks ago. Very, Very meaty. She felt it was too much meat. I agree. Good flavor though, she felt it was no spicy enough and could have used something. I really liked it but she skipped some steps, something about not using, olive oil, and the sauce not sticking to the pasta. Hopefully when it cools off she will try again. Made spaghetti the other night with regular store bought sauce and my favorite, IKEA meatballs. Nothing to blog about though. Too hot to think and Nate's coming over for lunch. Gotta go and check back for more updates. (I realize I am writing to myself, but I can pretend that someone is reading it.) Maybe one day they will make a movie or a book about my blog, or was that so last week? See Ya.

Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm Back

Well I'm back. I can hear the cries of joy rising from the throngs, or is that just the neighbors fighting again? Either way I figured it time to start blogging again. This post however has no pasta nor Bolognese. Just figured I write something. Looking at my last post from February and not much has changed. The economy still sucks, Helga's still out of work, and there is oil in my shrimp, and not EVOO either. We did go to Oregon on vacation and that was great, we have been riding but the heat has made in harder in the last week and Nate starts school at PCC next week. I will be posting more spaghetti delights soon. Helga made some Bolognese a few weeks ago but she was not thrilled with it so she will try again. Anyway, just thought I get my writing chops back. Stay tuned for more.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cucina Bene

Cucina Bene
4511 Sepulveda Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 818.981.8300.

Well it's been quite awhile since my last posting. Much has happened since my last post. H and I went to Vermont and had a great time, I turned 50, H lost her job and the country has sunk deeper into whatever it is we are sinking into to. I am however optimistic that things will get worse before they get even worse, and then hopefully better, or H and I move to Iceland where things are so bad, we will be rich in comparison and be happy.

Now to the Bolognese. Been here a few times and it's a very nice place. The people are very friendly and the atmosphere is quite relaxing. The bar is very attentive and they have outside seating which can very nice in the summer and spring, though there were people out there tonight and it was a little chilly. the past was well cooked and had good texture. Sauce was tasty, not sure if it was actually beef or pork and forgot to ask. The sauce was a little "light". That was I was thinking when H took an bite and said, " I think the sauce is a little light". This is not the first time, or even the 100th time that she is thinking the same thing I am at the same time. Been married for 6 years so maybe that is to be expected, or my thoughts are so simple and repetitive that she knows what I am thinking all the time. Probably what is happening. Anyway, good bolognese, though not great, tasty if not hearty, good portions though. I will try to get back on the horse and keep posting as we go. Now that H is not working we have cut back on eating out and in fact are enjoying eating home a lot. Till next time, J.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cheesecake Factory/Brentwood

Well it's been awhile since my my last bolognese experience. This tasting occurred over two weeks ago, before my trip to Durango, CO. Got busy getting ready and never had the time to add this one. This one for me however is easy. My family and I have been going to this Cheesecake Factory in Brentwood for many years. Prior to my getting married to H, my son and I would meet my parents here for dinner a couple of times a month. It was sort of midway between Glendale and the Marina where they lived (not really), and we all liked the food and the atmosphere. I have been having this pasta bolognese for the past ten years at least and it has not changed much. It used to be Penne Bolognese on the menu but recently has been changed to pasta bolognese. You can get whatever pasta you want so the change did not effect me too much. What can I say. This is the baseline standard for bolognese. Pasta always done right, good texture. Sauce adheres to the pasta well and there is a good meaty, somewhat spicy flavor that I always enjoy. Nice chunks of meat and plenty of sauce. Good portion size as well. Amazing? No. Very good? sure, most of time. Good? always. I would venture to say that the taste of the meal has more to do with my mood and taste buds then the way the bolognese is prepared. It appears to be the same every time. safe, reliable, consistent. Just what I want in a bike, a women and my pasta. Rock on Cheesecake, I know that I can always count on you to make my day to day life, well... a little more day to day. Thanks. Bye for now. P.S. I did not have any bolognese on my trip to Arizona and Colorado. Just wasn't in the cards. Maybe on our upcoming trip to Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine I can get some out of town bolognese. Maybe even with Lobster! we'll see. Later.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Kristinas Italian Place

Kristinas Italian Place
3409 Overland Ave
Los Angeles, CA

Met the family last Sunday at Kristinas. Now this is a very funky place on Overland. We have been going here for many, many years. It's in a really crappy strip mall and right next to a laundromat and a dry cleaner. I pass it every time we go there because it is so indescript i still can't find it. Having said that, there is something very homey and familiar to this place for me and I kind of like it. We were about 10 people total and there were only a few other's in the place. Must be more of a local hangout I guess cause I'm not sure how any body else would find this place. We used to go here when my grandmother was around and I always remember this place fondly. It's strange how some really pretty mediocre place takes on a special meaning like that. I have been ordering the Bolognese here forever, and it really hasn't changed. While I have not been happy with the last few bolognes' I have had at other locations, this one is well, mediocore. Not bad, certainly not great. It just seems tired like the restaurant itself. Decent texture to the pasta, thinner pasta then I usually like, but again not bad. Fairly meaty sauce, decent taste. A little spicy but not overpowering. Nothing weird or out of the ordinary, just your basic bolognese. decent chunks of meat and pretty good tasting sauce. I am starting to think that most places don't put a lot of thought into their bolognese, it's not a glamorous dish, probably why I like it. If you are dying for some bolognese, you could do worse then Kristina's, it just won't leave any lasting impression. It does come with a nice salad though and really good bread. and the price for the meal is $10.95, fair in my mind. My family will keep coming back here and I'll keep ordering the bolognese. Good memories are hard to find, so hang in there Kristina. Ride on. J.

Alessio, or a little less so.

9725 Reseda Blvd.
Northridge, CA. 91324

I have received complaints from some of my followers that I have not posted anything lately. This is true as I am getting ready to go to Durango for a week of mountain biking and I had to get everything straight at work. Mission accomplished! Well not make any one wait any longer, I will review 3, yes 3 new bolognes's. I have have gotten a little behind. First we have Alessio, a nice place near our home in the Valley. It's actually in the same mall as our favorite Chinese restaurant, Chi's, so at least we knew how to get there. H has been saying that we need to try this place as she had not been there for awhile. Never did until this blog. First let me apologize for the photo, I need to practice the close ups. This dish came with 5 meatballs!! Is meat getting cheaper or am I not getting real beef? I have decided not to think about it or I will never eat again. One word. Oregano. TOO MUCH OREGANO! in the meatballs. I have never tasted anything like it. H tried the balls and agreed there was an insane amount of Oregano in the meatballs. Made it hard to taste anything else. The sauce was passable, a little runny, somewhat spicy, not horrible, but not great. Did I mention, OREGANO! Pasta was cooked well, good texture. OREGANO! I don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to food but I would say the OREGANO completely set the dish off balance. Maybe try again in a little while, but not anytime soon. Next. Thanks. Oh, $10 corkage fee, not bad.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Trader Joes Penne Bolognese

Back again with another offering for the discerning foodie with a taste for Pasta. This Bolognese was actually pretty good. The sauce was indeed meaty and very tasty. Good texture after 3 minutes in the microwave and piping hot. There was a very good meat taste with a fair amount of spicyness. This was very salty however. I when I say it's salty, you know it's salty. Love the ease of use and the fact that you can eat it right out of it's own packaging. Can't remember how much it cost, $3.99 I think, but not bad for a quick Bolognese fix. The portion was adequate, if not particularly generous. There was clearly chunks of meat in the sauce, at least I hope it was meat, and this gave a satisfying taste and it felt good in the mouth. Sounds kindof strange I know but food texture is very important to me. There used to be another pasta and meat sauce that was offered by the Joe and it came in a bag. I have not been able to find it lately at our local TJ's in Encino. I have to check and see if they have it at any of the other's, Though I doubt it. This reminded me of the penne bolognese at CPK which has been a perennial favorite of mine for a long time. I will review that soon as well. Anyway, I would definitely buy this again when we do our salad and entree at TJ's. We go buy the salad of our choice and an entree as well. N usually gets sushi and H, gets all kinds of stuff, not a creature of habit that one. Bigger palate I guess. Might be going to Alisio tonight so I might have another entry on the horizon. Looking forward to past in Arizona and Colorado, though I might regret this as I don's see us eating the finest eateries. All I can do is hope for the best. Spaghetti and meatballs at Denny's? I see it coming. Konichi Wa. J